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Factory wholesale electric mining dumper truck spare parts O-ring 914489 VE1273 for komatsu

Factory wholesale electric mining dumper truck spare parts O-ring 914489 VE1273 for komatsu We known in the industry as “The Mining Truck Guys”. Specializing in all parts and components for Mining trucks such as Terex,Komatsu, Belaz,Volvo and Caterpillar,and so on.
Furthermore, our extensive knowledge of the machines means we are the largest producer of OEM and ODM parts in China. Our products can completely replace the original parts, and we can offer you a satisfactory price.
DescriptionPart No.Original No.
TORQUE TUBE200482584D730317P11 piece
PLANETARY GEAR200482484C620980P11 piece
SUN GEAR200484141A239786G81 piece
RING-DRIVE91484341B537662P11 piece
SHAFT,ROTOR200483584D730316P11 piece
HOUSING,BEARING200056041B537999P21 piece
HUB-WHEEL200034441D735184G11 piece
RING91481441A238941P21 piece
COLLAR200065441A330517P11 piece
CAP-BEARING200093441C635891P31 piece
SLEEVE200034341A239885P11 piece
CAP-BEARING91480041C635889G11 piece
NUT-RETAINING9144838864959P151 piece
GASKET-SUN (PINION)COVER90065641A232938P11 piece
BAND-WEAR91481041A238997P11 piece
BAND-WEAR91447641A238997P21 piece
SEAL-OIL91472141A238995P21 piece
SEAL-OIL91484441A238994P11 piece
PACKING-FELT91481141A238996P11 piece
O-RING200034541A330184P21 piece
SEAL-LIP200148184A203143P21 piece
PACKING,FRAME/HD,COLLAR91445541A237287P41 piece
SEAL RING91481241C636652P21 piece
Huigong Machinery can produce hundreds of accessories for various models, which is more convenient for your needs! We have a number of advanced production, processing and testing equipment:
American Gleason Pfauter P1600 CNC gear grinding machine, YK7380 automatic CNC gear grinding machine, YK83160 CNC gear milling machine, YKA715 CNC milling machine and more sophisticated equipment, Huigong machinery uses world-class equipment in the world's top equipment manufacturing industry to ensure first-class products, guarantee Seiko quality!!
For more than ten years, Huigong Machinery has won praise from a wide range of customers with its industry-leading professional level, stable and reliable product quality, and honest and trustworthy service. Applied to Electric Dumper Trucks , such as UNTI-RIG MT4400 / MT3600&3700 , KOMATSU 930E / 830E / 730 E . If necessary, please click on the contact and we will provide you with the information you want to know in the most professional way! We build excellence with strict detail and sophisticated technology! Huigong Machinery strictly implements the ISO9000 quality control system. From raw materials to design to production, every step is checked. It uses 3006B universal gear measuring machine, M5000 direct-reading spectrometer, CJW-4000D magnetic particle flaw detector, and JSB-3C microcomputer high-speed analysis Instrument, HR-150A Rockwell hardness tester and a batch of advanced testing equipment, strictly control each step to ensure that the products leave the factory pass rate! Hebei Huigong Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd established in 2001 , is a professional manufacturer engaged in the open pit mine research, development, production, sale and service of whole series wheel motor assembly, mechanical rear axle assembly, gearbox PTO assembly and chassis parts . If you want to learn more about truck accessories, please contact us! FAQ
1, Are you a manufacturing or trading company?
We are a professional manufacturer and exporter of mining dumper chassis parts company.Hundreds of professionals and advanced equipment can ensure high quality.

2.where is your factory?
Located in the industrial park of Julu County of Hebei province. You are welcome to inspect the factory at any time,you will have a good harvest.

3. How long is the delivery date?
If stock is available,we can ship the goods as soon as we have them. If there is no stock,it will take about 15 days to pay.

4. can you make OEM or ODM orders?
Yes,we have 20 years of experience in OEM or ODM and we will be happy to provide OEM and ODM services.Warmly welcome your order.

5. what are your terms of payment?
We accept T/T,credit card and others can discuss.

6,What kind of transportation do you provide?
By sea, air or express (DHL, SF, EMS).
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